San Jose is part of the Familia Jimenez restaurant business vision’s, Fabian Jimenez started this
fabulous journey many years ago and as it is in all of our restaurants, San Jose is also an
independent passionate family-owned and operated Mexican restaurant and bar that specializes
in serving the best authentic Mexican food and margaritas in Lutz.
This Mexican restaurant initiative originally was established over 40 years ago. We’ve been in
business going on a little over 4 decades and it has been a great journey experience. Since then,
we have fallen in love with the community and look forward to continuing to serve our guests
and becoming a valuable part of their families.
Our family takes pride in offering authentic and exceptional quality Mexican cuisine & awesome
customer experience and with almost three decades of combined experience in the restaurant
business we are proud to bring our magic to you.
We are excited to be part of this community and hope to meet you soon.
Everything we make is fresh.
Whether it’s our salsas, chips, sauces, etc. We make everything in-house using fresh
ingredients and lots of love.